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  • Headphone Safety

    Airmen in uniform or civilian clothes are not authorized to wear headphones where there's vehicle traffic. Security police will cite Airmen for the safety violation. Bottom line: If not indoors or on the Osan American High School track, headphones are not authorized.  To view the American Forces Network video click here.
  • Osan Then and Now

    Change is a part of life, and after 56 years one should expect quite a bit of it. Through almost six decades, Osan has grown and morphed into the base it is today, with more changes to come. To view the American Forces Network video documenting the transformation of Osan, click here.
  • Team Osan Airmen cash in on a good idea

    Members of the 51st Fighter Wing have many good idea's, but for one particular Airman, that translated into cold hard cash. Tech. Sgt. Devon Saunders, a member of the 51st Maintenance Squadron wheel and tire shop, was able to use the Idea Program to both implement his good idea, and make some money at the same time. To view the American Forces
  • ITT: Bringing servicemembers adventure

    Ah, traveling in a foreign country: you can't read the signs, don't speak the language and what is that on the menu? Servicemembers here can skip the frustration and keep the adventure through Osan's Information, Tickets and Tours office. The ITT office on Osan offers different trips and tours throughout the year. The trips are meant to offer U.S.
  • Teen center brings unity to Osan

    The Osan Teen Center has many programs that strive to entertain the youth here. One program in particular though, strives to improve their lives and the community around them. Osan teens participate in Youth for Unity, a Boys and Girls Clubs of America program that fosters unity, diversity and strives to break down barriers for young teens,
  • Preparing the next generation of Airmen

    They are a new generation of airmen who are ready to fight tonight. The First Term Airmen's Center is a two week course, designed to transition first duty station Airmen from training to a mission-oriented environment. The course provides a means of inprocessing airmen with a solid foundation of base briefings in order to prepare them to become
  • Information managers support multiple functions

    There is an Air Force career field that creates a sort of chameleon Airman, one who can move into any squadron and blend in with uncanny ease. Information managers work in a multitude of squadrons throughout their careers as both client support administrators and administrative assistants. "Going to different units gives you a broader picture of
  • MEO ensures fair treatment for all

    The nation was founded on the principal that all men are created equal and commanders have a tool to help uphold this truth: the Military Equal Opportunity office. MEO provides support to Osan's personnel in the area of equal opportunity, as well as services for military families and retired military. They can provide advice when it comes to Air
  • Avionics Airmen keep jets wired for flight

    In the age of electronics and computers, it takes some specialists on the team to keep an A-10 in the air. Troubleshooting everything from radar to flight control systems, avionics specialists are one such team that helps the 25th Fighter Squadron stay "Ready to Fight, and Win, Tonight!" In order to become one of these specialists, Airmen must go
  • TV detectives 'not even close'

    The detective gets the call and hits the crime scene. He scours the area for evidence and finds a lone cigarette butt. Using the lab, he links the DNA on the cigarette to a known criminal, drives to his house, arrests him and the case is closed ... all in one hour. While a scenario like this may play out well for television audiences, it is far