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  • Avionics Airmen keep jets wired for flight

    In the age of electronics and computers, it takes some specialists on the team to keep an A-10 in the air. Troubleshooting everything from radar to flight control systems, avionics specialists are one such team that helps the 25th Fighter Squadron stay "Ready to Fight, and Win, Tonight!" In order to become one of these specialists, Airmen must go
  • TV detectives 'not even close'

    The detective gets the call and hits the crime scene. He scours the area for evidence and finds a lone cigarette butt. Using the lab, he links the DNA on the cigarette to a known criminal, drives to his house, arrests him and the case is closed ... all in one hour. While a scenario like this may play out well for television audiences, it is far
  • Dental lab techs bring smile to Osan

    People are lined up at tables in a brightly lit room, creating miniature pieces of art - porcelain that must be shaped, polished and colored just right, molds that have to be perfectly cast. Their customers hope for perfection, and these Airmen expect nothing less from themselves. This is the scene in the dental lab as 51st Dental Squadron lab
  • Operators keep open lines of communication

    "Hi, what's the number for ..." "Can you connect me to ..." "What's the number for 9-1-1?" They may hear this everyday, but telephone operators here are on the front lines of communication, ready to keep Team Osan connected. "The operator's job is to provide assistance for anyone, on or off base, to contact people on Osan," said Tech. Sgt. Michael
  • Dental technicians ‘more than techs’

    "Thirty white horses on a red hill First they champ Then they stamp Then they stand still." Bilbo Baggins challenged Gollum with this riddle in J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit." One group of Airmen who should know the answer are the dental technicians of the 51st Dental Squadron here. Starting with nine and a half weeks of training at Sheppard AFB,
  • Dorm managers maintain Airmen’s home away from home

    The old "Transformers" cartoon theme song said they're "more than meets the eye." One glance into the day in the life a dorm manager, and it's obvious the same can be said about these Airmen. Their day begins with the daily task of filling out both the Airmen Vacant Room Roster and the Occupancy Report. These forms keep track of the empty rooms in
  • In the bag: CWDE techs manage live-saving gear

    When trudging home from inprocessing with two 35 pound bags full of chemical warfare defense equipment, most people may not be thinking, "Thank you!" But the fact of the matter is, the men and women of the 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron's CWDE section issue the equipment that saves lives. "With Osan being geographically located so close to
  • Base library has more than books

    If the world of reading is a magical place, then the library is casting the spells. With more than 43,000 books on the shelves, the Osan Base Library offers a wide variety of reading material. From romance and thrillers to fantasy and children's tales, the library has it covered. "The goal is to have something for everyone," said Mr. Chad Harding,
  • Exercise and eat right to be 'fit to fight'

    Have some weight you want to lose? The easiest way to lose it is to go on a fad diet or skip meals, right? Wrong. "When you don't give your body the nutrition it needs, you.re doing more harm than good," said Capt. Jennifer Bradley, health and wellness center dietitian. "When you deprive your body of the proper food or food all together it enters
  • Spare-time fun: Bowling center has something for everyone

    Does work stress have you feeling pinned down? Do you sometimes feel like going on strike? Well, don't split just yet - the 51st Services Squadron has something that may be right up your alley. The MiG Alleys Bowling Center offers respite from the daily grind for everyone at Osan. In fact, bowling centers have been a source of fun at Air Force