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  • Stretching your way to health with yoga

    Though I try to portray a carefree demeanor, I, like most people, can suffer from the little stresses of life. To combat those worries that can grow into a future wrinkle, I decided to attend my first yoga class at the base fitness center. When I walked into the fitness room, the instructor, Sara, asked me to grab a mat, take off my shoes, sit down
  • Learning to dance in Korea

    Since the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, there have been many changes in the attitudes of Korean people toward the Western way of life. One aspect where the West has penetrated the social lives of many Koreans is dancing in the styles we know as Latin-American, ballroom, jive, etc. Dance in these styles is really growing in popularity. Accessibility to
  • Living one step at a time

    Many people live life one step at a time, and at Osan, you should too -- literally. "We live on a walking base," said Capt. Jennifer L. Bradley, the Health and Wellness Center's first registered dietitian at Osan. "Walking to work, walking to lunch and walking to Songtan, all those steps add up." The HAWC wants people to start keeping track of
  • Osan spouse speaks out about NEO

    "Be prepared" is not just a Boy and Girl Scouts' motto but it can accurately be applied to the members of Team Osan who could be asked to leave the peninsula to get out of harms way in the event of a military conflict. Spouses and other non-combatants on Osan practice to be ready to quickly gather their important belongings and get themselves and
  • Military women sharp -- and showing it

    March is Women's History Month--a time to celebrate the grandmothers, mothers, sisters and daughters who are all at the heart of a movement that brought about significant changes in education, politics and law, religion, work, social reform and health. These women from all walks of life took long strides to ensure the acknowledgement of their
  • Teamwork keeps MUNS on target

    "No man's an island," said a flightline maintenance technician here. "Whether you're playing flag football on the weekend or building bombs during the week, you can't do it by yourself." Senior Airman Jason Jordan isn't the only one at 51st Munitions Squadron who knows that teamwork is key to a successful mission. All members of the production
  • Osan celebrates 'Women of Steel'

    As part of the Women's History Month celebration, the fitness center lobby was transformed into a fitness and health exposition Saturday, dubbed "Women of Steel." The event featured several agencies from the 51st Medical Group. The agencies provided helpful information on topics such as blood pressure and sugar level screening, proper diet,
  • Air Defenders conduct mission rehearsal exercise

    Charlie Battery 1-43 Air & Missile Defense Battalion, 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, successfully completed its Mission Rehearsal Exercise on March 2. "The MRE brought together the entirety of the battalion's combat capability and allowed each fire unit to use its robust firepower and communications capability," said Maj. Neil Myers, exercise
  • Let Services 'Wine 'N' Dine' you

    It was a Tuesday afternoon. I was sitting in my office and I was thinking of something to do that evening to unwind and temporarily forget that tomorrow would only be Wednesday or "Hump Day." While skimming through my monthly Services Magazine, I noticed "Wine 'n' Dine" and thought, "What could be better?" Despite the sad fact I lacked a date with
  • Volunteers soar to new heights

    The Osan Air Base Volunteer Resource Program reached an all-time high with more than 90,000 volunteered in on- and off-base communities during the 2006 "Volunteers Make A Difference Every Day" campaign. More than 100 members of Team Osan joined Brig. Gen. Joe Reynes, 51st Fighter Wing commander, during a luncheon at the Officers' Club here Thursday