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  • Story time: Separated families stay 'United Through Reading'

    Once upon a time there was an Airman who traveled all over the world to defend her great nation. Unfortunately, there were times when she couldn't see her young children for months. "How can I keep in touch and let them know I love them?" she asked herself.Well here in Mustang territory, the United Services Organization is giving Team Osan a way to
  • That's the ticket: COMM techs solve server troubles

    Rows and rows of computer servers lie hidden away in a windowless building here -- black monoliths of information. Every day this information is moved in, out and around, meaning someone has to make sure it moves smoothly. It's a big responsibility being the Poseidon of this sea of 0s and 1s, but the technicians of the 51st Communications Squadron
  • Act of kindness strengthens ties between ROK, U.S.

    Once a Mustang, always a Mustang! A former Airman and his family, members of the Mustang Stampede from 1998 to 2000, recently performed what some would describe as a random act of kindness, but their actions weren't random. What this family did was very deliberate and done with great purpose -- providing winter gloves, hats, mittens, scarves and
  • The dark dangers of the winter season

    Fall is my favorite season. The leaves are starting to change colors, temperatures are cooling off and the skies are often clear. But with these changes come longer periods of darkness. More hours of darkness create safety challenges for workers, school children, cyclists and joggers. All of us have noticed the sun rising later and setting earlier.
  • When did you last floss?

    When was the last time you flossed? How often do you floss? Can you demonstrate how you floss? How many times have you heard these questions asked by your dentist? The response to these questions may be eyes rolling, a short hesitation debating the correct answer, an automatic yes without even hearing the question, or a no with some lame excuse why
  • Doing cardio to lose weight

    Did you know that according to a study done in 2004, 46 percent of the Air Force is overweight and eight percent is obese? According to Mandy Baerman, Health and Wellness Center exercise physiologist, the number of obese Airmen has fallen since then, but the overweight numbers have stayed about the same. She said it's important for that number to
  • Mitigating the risk accociated with heaters

    We are rapidly approaching the winter season and the 51st Fighter Wing has begun a campaign in conjunction with 7th Air Force to place emphasis on the environmentally challenging portion of the year outside the "101 Critical Days of Summer." Not only is cold weather challenging, but the operations tempo is beginning to heat up as the days begin to
  • Marine Eagles fly with AF Falcons and Thunderbolts

    As you may have heard while sitting in your dorm room relaxing, there has been a different type of plane flying around Osan for the past month or so. The reason for this is the Fixed Marine Fighter Attack Wing VMFA-115, also known as the Silver Eagles, are performing joint training with the 36th and 25th Fighter Squadrons in their F/A-18
  • RST keeps Osan safe after an attack

    Imagine the base was under attack and a SCUD missile just detonated, and no one has any idea if it contained biological or chemical agents. It is the job of the base's readiness support teams to figure this out. "These guys do a lot of confirming or denying the presence of biological and chemical agents," said Master Sgt. David Mack, 51st Civil
  • Story of 'Bayonet Hill,' Korean War turning point

    In late January 1951, the 8th Army was ready to go on the offensive against the weakening North Koreans and Chinese enemy forces here. Gen. Matthew Ridgeway sent the 27th Infantry "Wolfhounds" to Osan to prepare for Operation Thunderbolt. Army Capt. Lewis Millett commanded Easy Company, part of the 27th Infantry, through a frozen rice patty near