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  • Youth Center sports are 'f-u-n - fun'

    Unlike stateside bases, where there are myriad opportunities for kids to get out and about, it can be challenging to find off-base activities for youth accompanying their parents overseas. The 51st Services Squadron knows this, and through the Youth Center Sports Program it has come up with a way to help military children stay busy and keep
  • Staying sparkly white

    February is National Children's Dental Health Month. The dental profession traditionally takes this opportunity to promote the benefits of healthy eating habits and prevention of tooth decay and periodontal disease. However, this year I would like to review two popular cosmetic dental procedures and their long-term benefits and potential negative
  • Free online filing of federal taxes

    Members of the tax software industry have banded together to form the "Free File Alliance," a non-profit organization that allows those who meet certain criteria to file their taxes file their taxes electronically for free. One criterion, for most of the free file participants is having an adjusted gross income of $52,000 or less. That is regular
  • Battle Control System -- Korea attains full operational capability

    After 20 months of systems testing and more than $500,000 spent, Lt. Gen. Stephen Wood, 7th Air Force commander declared that Battle Control System-Korea had attained "full operational capability." Battle Control System-Korea, known simply as BCS-K, is the weapons system used by members of the 621st Air Control Squadron to control all U.S. air
  • Cryogenics: It's not just for people

    The cryogenic lab deals with materials that operate at sub-zero temperatures. Specially, Osan stores and uses liquid oxygen, or LOX, and liquid nitrogen, or LIN, for a variety of reasons to accomplish our mission. "Pilots depend on these," said Master Sgt Jason Owens, 51st Logistcs Readiness Squadron. "When they are pulling Gs, or in the middle of
  • Spot reduction debunked

    Exercise is one of those fields where a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous -- how many of us have friends who give "expert" advice that they got from "a guy who knows a guy who used to be the personal trainer for Chuck Norris?" This is the first article in a series addressing exercise myths, frequently asked questions, and common exercise
  • Airman earns silver in martial arts competition

    Recently, a member of the 51st Maintenance Squadron competed in a competition to see who would go to the World Wide Muay Thai competition in Thialand. Johnathan Lytle, a Muay Thai blackbelt, placed second in the competition, earning him a silver medal. The competition had 12 different weight classes and consisted of individuals from all over Korea.
  • Mouthguards keep your smile safe

    Proper equipment is a necessity when participating in sports. Playing softball without a bat or soccer without a ball would be difficult at best. However, a mouthguard is one piece of equipment that is often overlooked when people pack their gym bags. The truth is athletes are 60 times more likely to suffer harm to the teeth when not wearing a
  • Military OneSource works overseas

    Imagine you're assigned to Osan with your spouse and child in the States. One day you get a call from your spouse; your child's teacher recommends your child be seen by a mental health professional for a learning disability. Your spouse has no idea how to get this done or if your insurance will cover it. What do you do? One of the best courses of
  • 7th AF hosts four ACCEs

    Communication is one of the key elements of combat operations that has to work in order for the mission to be carried out. Likewise, the business of running the 7th Air Force Air Operations Center requires trusted liaisons with other military components that make up the U.S. combat force in the Republic of Korea. These liaisons are called Air