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  • Mouthguards keep your smile safe

    Proper equipment is a necessity when participating in sports. Playing softball without a bat or soccer without a ball would be difficult at best. However, a mouthguard is one piece of equipment that is often overlooked when people pack their gym bags. The truth is athletes are 60 times more likely to suffer harm to the teeth when not wearing a
  • Military OneSource works overseas

    Imagine you're assigned to Osan with your spouse and child in the States. One day you get a call from your spouse; your child's teacher recommends your child be seen by a mental health professional for a learning disability. Your spouse has no idea how to get this done or if your insurance will cover it. What do you do? One of the best courses of
  • 7th AF hosts four ACCEs

    Communication is one of the key elements of combat operations that has to work in order for the mission to be carried out. Likewise, the business of running the 7th Air Force Air Operations Center requires trusted liaisons with other military components that make up the U.S. combat force in the Republic of Korea. These liaisons are called Air
  • Running: like walking, only faster

    Quite frankly, I don't know what all the fuss is about with running and jogging. All it requires is an open road, running track or treadmill, and the ability to put one foot in front of the other. In the last 18 years, I've trekked more than 17,000 miles on three continents and have four marathons under my belt. I guess you could say I like to run
  • 5/6 Club hosts enlisted CDI

    The Osan 5/6 Club hosted the first Team Osan 'Enlisted Only' Combat Dining-In Saturday at the traffic management office warehouse in Bldg 635. More than 300 Airmen and Soldiers attended the military dinner toting their water-filled guns, balloons and launch platforms, as well as donning various individual protective equipment and camouflage face
  • Sexually transmitted infections and prevention

    Sexually Transmitted Infections are the most common infectious diseases in the United States. There are 19 million new infections each year, half of them involving people between 15-24 years of age. Here at Osan Air Base, we have the highest rate of STI's in PACAF and we'd like to change that. It is difficult to be "Ready to Fight Tonight!" when
  • School explains local hire process

    There are often job openings in the Department of Defense Dependent's Schools at Osan and Camp Humphreys say school officials, but for a spouse to snag one of those jobs requires careful planning and preparation. Spouses of servicemembers and civilians who are American citizens all compete on a level playing field when it comes to getting one of
  • World-class powerlifter at Osan

    Have you ever heard that heated discussion between guys in the gym, "I can bench more than you can," well chances are, one Osan Airman will win that argument every time. Staff Sgt. Michael P. Schwanke, 51st Communications Squadron wideband technician, is currently ranked 16th in the National Power Lifting Rankings for the 242 pounds weight class.
  • Comm warriors keep Osan talking

    Several members of 7th Air Force's 607th Combat Communications Squadron deployed to Osan from Camp Humphreys for an exercise that ran from Nov. 30 to Thursday. The exercise lasted about one week, and was designed to train Airmen in providing communications support during times of war. "If all base communications are knocked out, there still has to
  • Reduce the 'Holida Blues'

    The holiday blues are caused by many factors: increased stress and fatigue, unrealistic expectations, over-commercialization and the inability to be with one's family. The increased demands of shopping, parties, and the deadlines to mail packages also contribute to these feelings of tension. People may also feel pressured to be merry by friends and