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  • Big Brother's watching ... and protecting

    It's kind of like the novel "1984." Big Brother really is watching ... but this time, he's helping to keep the members of Osan safe. The high-tech Integrated Base Defense Security System is a suite of intrusion detection sensors which uses specialized equipment to survey both the base security zone and interior of Osan. Using IBDSS gives the base
  • Airmen ski, snowboard Korean-style

    Twenty-two Airmen from Osan and Kunsan met on the slopes at Yong Pyong Ski Resort in Gangwon Province Dec. 8 through Saturday. In all, 68 U.S. Forces Korea servicemembers took part in a two-day ski and snowboarding trip sponsored by the Korea-America Good Neighbor Society. The trip is one of the many ways in which organizations throughout the
  • Elementary school holds geography bee

    If someone were to ask you, "Colombia, with low coastal plains along both the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean borders which Central American country?" would you know the answer? If you were to ask Thomas Stokes, a sixth grade student from Osan American Elementary School, he would be able to tell you it is Panama because that's the question he
  • Practice safe stress during the holiday

    The holidays, a time of festivity, parties, shopping, entertaining, religious observances, family gatherings, decorating and ... stress! With all the extra demands we place on ourselves and expectations of the season, is it any wonder most of us feel some stress during the holiday season? Here are some strategies for making the holidays a time of
  • Tips for filing taxes overseas

    An article about taxes already? With Christmas just around the corner, filing a U.S. tax return is probably the last thing on people's minds. However, now's the time to lay the groundwork to make life easier during the upcoming tax season. Listed below are some of the more common issues that can have significant impacts on your one's ability to
  • Airman in Korea receive sweet holiday treat

    The holidays are a time when many families gather together to celebrate various traditions. Since 96 percent of the 8,900 Airmen stationed on the Korean peninsula are in unaccompanied billets, they don't have this luxury. But volunteers from the Osan community came together to give them a taste of home, baking more than 100,000 cookies, in a
  • Fitness Center hosts 2.5 hour Aerobathon

    I thought I was too good for aerobics. I swam competitively for 10 years and ran on elite track and field teams. I got in hard, painful workouts through these sports, and I simply thought that aerobics could not hold a candle to them. Well, while participating in the Osan Aerobathon on Saturday at the base fitness center, I had a humbling
  • A new year, a new you

    2006 has faded into the past and 2007 has finally come. With the new year, people have dreams and visions of new careers, new places to visit or a new image. Millions of people across the world rang in the new year with New Year's resolutions. Undoubtedly, a great number of these people resolved to get into better shape and improve their health.
  • Team Osan 2006 Year in Review

    Team Mustang's crucial role in the stability of the Korean peninsula and East Asia was demonstrated repeatedly during 2006, and its readiness to fight at the drop of a recall was tested again and again. "We did a tremendous job in a number of areas last year," said Brig. Gen. Joe Reynes, 51st Fighter Wing commander. "But most importantly, we