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  • JTACs deliver air power to ground forces

    "Icebox 56, Animal 11 two minutes from overhead," said the pilot of an A-10 Thunderbolt over the radio as his aircraft barreled toward its target at more than 300 miles per hour."Icebox 56 copies. Final attack heading will be 2-0-0 to 1-8-9," responded a voice over the radio."Animal 11 copies. 2-0-0 to 1-8-9. I got eyes on target," the pilot
  • One family’s ‘business’ to serve

    When people describe their job as a "family business," images of family diners or professions which require a specific trade may come to mind.For the last 65 years one family hasn't been at the diner selling burgers and milk shakes, they've been lacing up their boots and deploying to remote locations around the world for their "family business.""I
  • Security in security forces

    All secure. The simplicity of that statement doesn't even compare to the multitude of tasks, requirements and manpower needed to ensure that in any event, Osan Air Base and its assets are protected. The 51st Security Forces Squadron, which is broken down into several different units, works together to accomplish their mission of protecting and
  • Year-round fitness key to human weapon system maintenance

    For some, the word fitness spurs excitement and motivation, and for others it's an idea that sits on the back burner until it's required. Regardless of the sentiment, for military members, fitness remains a primary responsibility for any individual currently serving."We are human weapons systems, so we need to take care of ourselves. We fly the
  • No mail, no morale

    There was a time when receiving an email was new and exciting, but because of the rise of text messaging, Facebook and other forms of instant messaging, an older form of communication is making a comeback."Email is faster but hand-written letters mean so much more," said Senior Airman Justin Czarnecki, 51st Comptroller Squadron financial services
  • Revealed: Secrets to healthy living

    Tired of seeing infomercials and magazine clippings about diet pills and quick fix plans that promise fast weight loss but don't work? Sick of investing time and money in supplements and fads that shed a few pounds, but the weight comes right back? Well look no further. The secret to not just weight loss, but a healthier lifestyle has been
  • 731st AMS continues peninsula-wide logistics success

    As winter was winding down in the "Land of the Morning Calm", Airmen from the 731st Air Mobility Squadron stationed at Osana prepared to transition air freight operations to Kunsan Air Base for a projected two-month partial runway closure. A team of close to 20 aerial porters received their first scheduled 747B cargo aircraft April 29 at Kunsan.
  • Combat Hapkido provides self-defense training to fall back on

    People practice martial arts for a variety of reasons, one being to learn how to protect themselves should they ever encounter an attacker in a one-on-one situation. But what happens when there are multiple attackers? Or the attackers are armed with firearms or knives?While tactics learned from wrestling, Judo, Taekwondo or boxing, for example, may
  • Airmen get out with Outdoor Rec

    With the summer season finally underway, Airmen will be looking for fun and exciting activities to enjoy themselves outside of their usual day-to-day work week. Fortunately, they won't have to look far thanks to the Outdoor Recreation Center here. The Outdoor Recreation Center offers everything from scuba diving, paragliding and sky diving, to
  • Historian preserves 51st Fighter Wing's heritage

    Tucked away in a quiet office surrounded by books, photos and newspapers dating back to the start of World War II, the historian, John Okonski, works to preserve the 51st Fighter Wing's proud heritage. Historians are responsible for collecting current event information for historical documentation to maintain accurate accounts for the future as