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  • Town patrolmen protect, serve

    By day, the streets of the Songtan Entertainment District are a scene of hustle and bustle with hundreds of vendors clamoring for the business of both serious and window shoppers. The area known as 'downtown' houses multiple restaurants, clothing, gift and alteration shops. But at night, the area's main attractions are its cluster of bars and
  • Space-A makes traveling more affordable

    For service members and their families, being stationed overseas can make traveling more accessible, yet the costs can still be expensive. Through the Space-Available travel program, getting around can be much more affordable. Space-A travel, also known as hops, are open seats in military owned or contracted aircraft not being filled by people on
  • Rain or shine Osan forecasters look to the sky

    As an A-10 Thunderbolt approached its target during a training exercise, its pilot tactfully maneuvered the aircraft through the cloudy skies. He then prepped the aircraft to drop its Mark-82 bombs and banked toward the cloud cover's opening just seconds before munitions release. As the pilot pulled away from his now destroyed target, he thought,
  • Aero club gives Osan Airmen wings

    Every Airman, no matter their job, is no stranger to the roar of an aircraft passing overhead. As many will look up to watch it pass, some may aspire to pilot an aircraft themselves. Through the Osan Aero Club, any Airman can do just that. The Osan Flight Training Center, casually known as the Osan Aero Club, provides flight training and
  • TAP GPS gives veterans roadmap to civilian life

    The updated Transition Assistance Program- Goals, Plan, Success implemented in November 2012, makes the five-day workshop mandatory for separating service members under the Veterans Opportunity to Work Act. Originally established in the 1990s to support the large number of military members separating during the post-Desert Storm drawdown, TAP is a
  • One, only small country inside Republic of Korea

    A world of its own, and only two hours from Osan, Nami Island is one the most unique and creative attractions on the peninsula. Renamed the Namira Republic in 2006 after declaring their cultural independence, the imaginary country offers a variety of activities for visitors seeking to get lost in a world of creativity. With little knowledge of the
  • OJEC - For Airmen, by Airmen

    As Airmen, it is the responsibility of each individual to adapt to military profession's requirements, achieve technical proficiency and become productive service members. Besides being proactive within the workplace, members are often charged to be productive in the community as well, making professional enhancement and career development an
  • Female fighter pilot stands alone

    Women's History Month is a recognition of the achievements of those who have paved the way. Only 36 years ago, the first Air Force female pilots took to the sky, and ever since, barriers have continued to shatter in avionics.Today, there are 62,112 women actively serving in the Air Force making up less than 20 percent of the force, according to the
  • ‘Do-it-yourself’ store helps Airmen maintain base facilities

    With the various Air Force budget constraints, Airmen have had to find new and innovative ways to complete the mission. From building renovation projects to simple base beautification, it's become more and more common for individuals to take on these tasks instead of contracting them out. One of the ways they do this is through 'do-it-yourself'
  • VM keeps Osan running

    The 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron vehicle management team stays busy keeping Osan Air Base's vehicles running. The 134 personnel assigned to the unit maintain Pacific Air Force's second largest vehicle fleet of almost 1,500 vehicles. VM mechanics perform all levels of maintenance from simple part changes to component rebuilds as well as full