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Air Force Aid Society is here for you

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- Air Force Aid is available to all Air Force members and their families. Every year the Air Force Aid Society updates and adapts their programs to serve the needs of the base and major command. While not all of the programs have changed, I would like to highlight the AFAS programs and services at Osan.

Emergency Assistance and Falcon Loans
This calendar year Osan has received more than $112,454 in assistance from the AFAS. Financial assistance is given when a qualifying individual cannot pay for specific basic needs essential to be an Air Force member. Emergency Assistance can be given as an interest free loan, a grant, or a combination of both. However, most assistance is provided as interest free loans with repayment set according to budget surplus. Grant or combination loan/grant is given when repayment would cause a genuine hardship, but should not be given to reward financial irresponsibility. Falcon Loans are given to assist with specific emergency needs up to $500. The areas must relate to: basic living, vehicle, emergency travel, and medical/dental expenses.

Give Parents a Break
The AFAS recognizes that Air Force families are subject to unique stresses due to the nature of military life - having a child with special needs, an emergency situation, such as illness of a family member, the family recently moving to the base, unique circumstances or hardships, etc. Families are often separated from spouses as well as from extended family members who might otherwise offer support. In an effort to help these families, the AFAS, in cooperation with the Air Force child care community, has agreed to provide funding for child care under our "Give Parents a Break" program. The purpose of this program is to offer eligible parents a few hours break from the stresses of parenting on a specific day. Active duty Air Force families may use this time to suit their personal needs.

Child Care for PCS
The Child Care for PCS Program is intended to help relieve some of the stress felt by families in the process of a PCS move. AFAS will pay up to 20 hours of child care (per child). Air Force families with Command Sponsored PCS orders can obtain a Child Care for PCS Certificate at the Airman and Family Readiness Center. The families can utilize the program at both the departing and new base. Certificates are good only at the base at which they are issued. This program is open to all ranks unless there is a shortage of child care providers at the base in which case priority would be given to junior ranking personnel.

Bundles for Babies
Bundles for Babies is for an active duty member or spouse of an active duty member who is expecting a baby or is a new parent. This parenting class offers a free "bundle" from the AFAS at its conclusion. Classes are open to all ranks and are not limited to a first pregnancy. The program is offered to both command and non-command sponsored families.