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Tag: Teamwork
  • EO mission promotes unit cohesion, discipline

    Maintaining order and discipline is fundamental to building a cohesive unit, and the 51st Fighter Wing Equal Opportunity office ensures all military members are treated respectfully in and out of uniform.
  • Friendships forged in fire

    Airmen assigned to the 51st Civil Engineer Squadron fire and emergency services flight teamed up with their off-base counterparts to conduct joint training at the Korea National University of Welfare in Pyeongtaek, May 17. The exercise was one of many held annually to familiarize the two services with each others’ equipment and techniques.
  • CAPEX 18 brings challenges to warrior Airmen

    CAPEX 2018 introduced a series of challenges for the Airmen, including the use of Mission Oriented Protective Posture chemical gear to be donned throughout the exercise.