If your question relates specifically to Osan Air Base, please see the questions below. If you have a question which is not addressed here, you may find the answer by visiting the Questions page of Air Force Link. For general military questions, please refer to the Department of Defense's FAQs page.


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How do I request Public Affairs Photo or Video support?

To request photo or video support, please complete an AF IMT 833 below: 


and email it to the 51 FW/PA Organizational e-mail account 

For questions about what services are provided, please contact the 51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs Multimedia Center at 784-4044.

How can I contact a servicemeber at Osan AB?

We DO NOT release individual e-mail addresses under any circumstances. If you're trying to find out someone's e-mail address, you can only get it by contacting that person directly through one of the methods listed below. 

We DO NOT provide forwarding service for your e-mails either. Again, you must contact your recipient directly to establish contact. 

Air Force regulations prohibit the posting of base telephone books or e-mail directories on web sites. Instead, general interest phone numbers, e-mail addresses and points-of-contact are listed, where appropriate, on this web site. 

For emergency contact with a servicemember

In the event of a bonafide family emergency, military members can be quickly contacted through the services of the American Red Cross. Contact them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll free at (877)-272-7337. This number will put callers in touch with a Red Cross caseworker at one of the Armed Forces Service Centers. 

To locate former Osan, retired or separated Air Force members

If you're trying to locate someone previously stationed here, or who has retired or separated from the Air Force, contact the Air Force Worldwide Locator Service. 

The AF World Wide Locator handles official and unofficial requests to locate Air Force Personnel. Official requests are defined as requests received from any government agency and the Department of Defense (DoD). All other requests are considered unofficial in nature. 

The AF World Wide Locator only has location information on individuals who are currently receiving compensation from the USAF (Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Retired, and Civil Service Personnel). If the individual has separated from the AF, no information is available. 


550 C St West Ste 50 
Randolph AFB, TX 78150-4752 


Monday-Friday (except Federal Holidays) 
7:30 am - 4:30 pm (Central Standard Time) 
COMMERCIAL: (210) 565-2660 


The following information is required to make a positive identification: 
Full name to include a middle initial, rank (officer/enlisted/GS) 

Social Security Number or Air Force serial number 

Date of birth or an Air Force duty history including the place, month and year of assignments after June 1970 

No assignment information is available prior to June 1970. 


DoD official requests may be handled over the phone, providing the requester gives their full name, rank, SSN, organization and purpose of the request. Failure to provide requested information will result in non-disclosure of requested information. 

Federal or State Government agency requests for information must be in pursuant to the Privacy Act as stated in the United States Code 552(a)(7). The request must be in writing on official letterhead and signed by a Section Chief or higher. 

Law enforcement agency requests must be in writing on the appropriate letterhead. 


All unofficial requests must be in writing and fees may not be applicable. 

Your request should state who you are looking for, your name, address and telephone number. Put this information in an unsealed envelope with a return address, proper postage affixed and the individual's name in the addressee portion of the envelope. Place this envelope in a larger envelope with your check or money order for $3.50 made payable to DAO-DE RAFB and mail to the Locator address given above. Your request constitutes consent to release of this information to the member. 


A fee of $3.50, per individual request, is required from all personnel or businesses requesting addresses on military personnel. Requests must be in writing. 

The World Wide Locator also provides a "Statement or Verification of Service". This applies to Active Duty Air Force personnel only. A fee of $5.20, per individual written request, is required. 

Checks or money orders must be made payable to DAO-DE RAFB. 

There is no fee for requesters that are either on active duty, serving in the guard or reserve, or individuals that are retired.


There are two types of passes, know which type you are receiving.

24 Hour Pass: Guest passes are available based on a 24 hour time period from the time of registration at the visitor gate.
Note: a 24 hour guest pass does not exempt a US military member from established curfew hours. This must be taken into consideration when escorting a guest from the Doolittle Gate.

72 Hour Pass: Temporary visitors must be registered and escorted with passes issued up to a maximum of 72 hours (as determined by the time the guest is signed in). If a sponsor voluntarily leaves the installation with their guest with intentions of returning, deregistering the guest is not necessary as long as both the sponsor and guest return together.

Visitors must both be reregistered by an authorized sponsor and deregistered by the same sponsor by the required time. Visitors are not allowed to reside in dormitories; they may stay in lodging or on-base housing.

As a sponsor, I am responsible for my guest at all times.

I can only escort up to four individuals as a DOD ID holder. As USFK Form 37EK holder escort authority is identified on the ID.

As a sponsor, I must remain with my guest at all times while on the installation.
I cannot hand off my guest to another person.

I must escort my guest to the same gate we initially entered when departing the installation.

Any violation of escort privileges will result in a revocation of escort privileges.

If you are not aware of the required departure time, ask the Security Forces Member now. Once you are aware of your requirements as escort, please sign the log. Your signature signifies your understanding of the Osan AB guest escort rules and requirements.

인솔 책임

패스는 두가지 종류가 있는데 어떤 종류를 수령하시는지 숙지 하셔야 합니다. 24시간패스: 방문객 출입증은 방문객 출입문에 등록된 시간으로 부터 24시간 동안 유효합니다. 주(註): 24시간 방문객 출입증은 지정된 통금 시간으로 부터 미군을 면제해 주지 않습니다. 이는 두리틀 게이트에서 방문객을 인솔 할 때시 반드시 고려되어야 합니다. 72시간패스: 임시 방문객들은 최대 72시간 (방문객이 입영시 기재된 시간으로 결정됨) 까지 발행된 출입증으로 등록되고 인솔 받아야 합니다. 만약 인솔자가 복귀할 의향으로 방문객과 임의로 기지를 출영할 경우, 인솔자와 방문객이 함께 돌아오는 한 방문객 등록을 해지 할 필요는없습니다. 방문객은 재등록이나 등록해지 두 경우 모두 반드시 허가된 인솔자와 요구된 시간까지 해야 합니다. 방문객들은군인 숙소에서 체류하는 것이 금지되어 있습니다; 호텔이나 부대내 관사에서 머물수 있습니다.
인솔자로서, 본인은 방문객에 대한 책임이 항시 있습니다.

본인은, 미국방성 신분증 소지자로서, 본인은 최대 4명까지 인솔할 수 있습니다. (미국 국적인 경우)

본인은, 주한미군 양식37EK소지자로서, 신분증에 인솔 인원이 표기되어 있습니다. (한국 국적인 경우)

인솔자로서, 본인은 기지내에서 방문객과 항시 같이 있어야 합니다.
본인의 방문객을 타인에게 맡길 수 없습니다.

본인은 방문객 출영시 반드시 처음 인솔한 게이트로 에스코트하여 나가야 합니다.
인솔에 대한 여하한의 위반도 인솔권한을 상실하게 됩니다.

만일 요구되는 출영시간을 모르신다면 지금 헌병에게 문의 하십시오. 인솔인으로서 요구되는 상기사항들을 인지 하셨으면 방명록에 서명을 하십시오. 귀하의 서명은 귀하가 오산기지 방문객 인솔 규정과 요구사항을 숙지하였음을 의미합니다.



Passes Available

24 Hour Pass: maximum of 24 hours from the time the guest is signed in.
72 Hour Pass: maximum of 72 hours from the time the guest is signed in

Use of DBIDS to escort guests is mandatory; if a sponsor is unable to capture their Digital Fingerprint Minutia Data (DFMD), escorting will not be permitted; they must report to building 765 to recapture their DFMD.

The sponsor and guest(s) must appear together at all times.

The sponsor will retain the guest pass until they escort and sign their guest(s) off.

If a sponsor voluntarily leaves the installation with their guest(s) with intentions of returning, deregistering the guest is not necessary as long as both the sponsor and guest return together.

Failure to return passes by the required time will result in escort privileges being revoked, this includes lost passes.

The guest must be in the physical presence of the sponsor at all times.

Guests are PROHIBITED from staying in unaccompanied housing (dormitories).

패스 사용 가능 시간

24 시간 패스: 방문객이 기지출입 허가를 받은 시간부터 최대 24 시간까지 유효
72 시간 패스: 방문객이 기지 출입 허가를 받은 시간부터 최대 72시간 동안 유효
인솔 규정

방문객 인솔에 생체인식시스템 사용이 필수; 만일 인솔자의 지문이 디지털 지문 세분화 자료에 인식이 안될시 인솔이 불가하며; 디지털 지문 세분화 자료 재인식을 받기위해 건물번호 765에 보고

인솔자와 방문객은 출입 신청 및 반납, 등록시 반드시 동반

인솔자는 인솔후 방문객이 기지를 떠날때까지 방문객 패스를 소지

만약 인솔자가 복귀할 의향으로 방문객과 임의로 기지를 나갈 경우, 인솔자와 방문객이 함께 돌아오는 한 방문객 등록을 해지 할 필요는 없음

방문객 패스의 분실을 포함, 제한 시간 내 미반환시 인솔자의 인솔 특권 상실

피인솔자는 오산기지에 있는 동안 항상  인솔자 동반

방문객의 독신관사 (군인숙소) 체류 금지

I am a member of the media. Who do I contact for information and how do I attend events?

Members of the media should contact the 51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs Office by phone at 82-31-661-4044 or by e-mail at51FWPA@osan.af.mil with any queries or requests pertaining to 51st Fighter Wing events. 

As a Reservist, where can I fly? 

Reserve members with DD Form 2 (Red) identification and DD Form 1853 may fly to, from, and between Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the CONUS. Additionally, when on active duty, members may fly anywhere overseas that AMC has flights operating. 


As a retiree, where can I fly? 

Retired members with DD Form 2 (Blue) identification card may fly anywhere AMC has flights operating, including the CONUS. 


Can I fly on Space-A on other than AMC flights? 

Yes. Your travel eligibility is for all DOD-owned or controlled aircraft. AMC does not always have knowledge of other command/services' flights. 


Can I pay for excess baggage when flying space-available?

No. Only duty status passengers may pay for excess baggage. 


Can I sign up remotely? 

Yes. Remote sign-up allows passengers to enter the backlog by faxing copies of proper service documentation along with desired country destinations and family members first names to the aerial port of departure. The fax data header will establish date/time of sign-up; therefore, active duty personnel must ensure the fax is sent no earlier than the effective date of leave. Mail entries will also be permitted. The original date and time of sign-up shall be documented and stay with the passenger until his or her destination is reached. On reaching destination, the passenger may again sign up for space available travel to return to home station. 


Can my pet travel with me on a Space-A flight? 

No. DOD has reserved pet shipments for passengers in permanent change of station(PCS) status. Additionally, travel with pets would be difficult at best due to limited aircraft pet spaces, pet import documentation requirements, and the possibility of quarantine in the event of an aircraft divert. 


Do I have to be in uniform to travel? 

Each service determines their own travel uniform policies. When civilian clothing is worn, use common sense. Attire should be in good taste and not in conflict with accepted attire in the overseas country of departure, transit, or destination, as defined by the DOD Foreign Clearance Guide. It should also be capable of keeping you warm especially on military aircraft. 


For more information on SPACE-A TRAVEL



How do I contact AMC?

Phone: DSN 315-784-1854; Comm: 011-82-31-661-1854
Fax: DSN 315-784-4897; Comm 011-82-31-661-4897 
Email: OsanSpaceA@Osan.af.mil 
Hours of Operation: 6:30 a.m. - 9 p.m., 7 days a week 

Official Mailing Address: 
731 AMS Passenger Terminal 
Unit 2073 
APO AP 96278-2073 


How does the selection process work? 

Travelers remain on the register for 60 days or the duration of their travel orders or authorization, whichever occurs first. 

When you register, you are assigned a category of travel and compete for seats within categories based on the date and time of registration. This date and time of sign-up is yours through to destination; you will receive a new date and time when you register for your return travel. 

Space required passengers or cargo may require the removal of Space A passengers at any point. If removed en route, you may re-register with your original date and time of registration. AMC passenger agents will assign a new date and time to any country you change or add on your application. Always be prepared to purchase onward or return commercial transportation, meals, and lodging. 


How long does my name stay on the Space A list ?

All travelers remain on the register 60 days after registration, or for the duration of their travel orders authorization, or until they are selected for travel, whichever occurs first. Revalidation has been eliminated. 


How many bags am I authorized? 

Each passenger may check two pieces of checked baggage, 70 pounds each, up to 62 linear inches in size (length + width + height). Family members may pool their baggage allowances. Hand carried baggage must fit under the seat, up to 45 linear inches in size, or in the overhead compartment, if available. 

Total weight limit on passenger baggage for C21 and C12 aircraft is 30 pounds. Hand carried and checked baggage combined. 

Note: Baggage weight may be limited due to type of aircraft or other restrictions. Check with your Passenger Service Center for more information. 


How many people are ahead of me on the Space-A register? 

Each terminal maintains a Space-A register (organized by priority and the date and time of registration for travel) that is updated daily. The register is conveniently located in the terminal and directly accessible to you. Travelers may call the terminal direct to find where they stand travel wise. 


What amenities are available at the passenger terminal? 

The 731 AMS Passenger Terminal has vending machines with beverages and snacks, a family lounge, special category lounge, cable TV, fax and internet access to include wireless capability. Osan AB has a BX with a food court. There is also a Burger King & Popeye's, Shoppette, and a Chili's restaurant on base, as well as two enlisted clubs and an officer's club.


What is country sign-up, and how does it affect me?

Under this program, you may sign up for five different countries rather than five different destinations. You are also eligible for the "ALL" sign-up which makes you eligible for all other destinations served. This gives you a greater selection of destinations from which to choose. 


What is self sign-up? 

Self sign-up is a program that allows passengers to sign-up at a terminal without waiting in line. Most locations now provide self sign-up counters with easy to follow instructions for registration. Not available at the Osan AB Passenger Terminal. 


Where and when can my family members travel with me? 

Dependents of active duty members may travel within the continental United States when accompanying their sponsor on emergency leave or on permissive house-hunting trips incident to a permanent change of station move. Command sponsored dependents stationed overseas are allowed unaccompanied travel to, from, and within the overseas theater (in addition to environmental morale leave previously authorized). Travel restrictions may apply to certain overseas are as as determined by the unified commander. 

Members traveling in non-command sponsored status must have documentation signed by their sponsor's commander verifying command sponsorship during their travels and show to air terminal personnel. This document is only valid for one round trip from the sponsor's duty location. Family members under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an eligible parent or legal guardian. 


Who determines eligibility to fly Space A? 

The four services jointly establish Space A eligibility. AMC's first responsibility is airlifting official DOD traffic. Space A passengers are accommodated only after official duty passengers and cargo. 

How can I submit articles and photos?

To submit articles, photos or story ideas, please e-mail 51FWPA@osan.af.mil

Public Affairs

51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs
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Osan AB Operator
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