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  • Osan Airman Found Safe 오산공군기지 미공군 병사 무사히 발견

    Staff Sgt. Tristin Blake Jarvis safely reported to Osan Air Base, July 14 at approximately 4:15 p.m. 7월 14일 4시 15분경 트리스틴 블레이크 자비스 미공군 병장이 무사히 오산공군기지로 복귀하였습니다.
  • Search for Osan Airman 오산공군기지 미공군 병사를 찾고 있습니다

    A member of the 51st Force Support Squadron at Osan Air Base, has been reported absent from his unit as of July 9. Staff Sgt. Tristin Blake Jarvis was last seen in the vicinity of the Osan Fitness Center, July 8 at 1:15 p.m. 7월 9일 오산공군기지 51 병력지원대대 소속 인원이 결근하였다고 해당 부서로부터 보고되었습니다. 트리스틴 블레이크 자비스 미공군 병장은 7월 8일 오후 1시 15분경 영내 미측 체력단련장 근처에서 마지막으로 목격되었습니다.
  • Stampeding mustangs continue rich tradition

    In the heartland of Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, a group of Mustangs are ‘Leading The Charge’ from Osan Air Base. These wild horses aren’t your typical galloping, long-haired stallions, but rather, they are the prideful men and women of the 51st Fighter Wing. During WWII, the 51st Operations Group (originally the 51st Pursuit Group) flew out of Naha Air Base, Japan. After becoming a separate branch, the United States Air Force soon switched to a designation system that linked the new wings with WWII predecessors. When a wing was activated at Naha, the USAF, in trying to establish its own history and traditions, linked the new 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing to the WWII unit, 51st Fighter Group, which operated out of Naha Air Base in WWII.
  • United Nations Command honors fallen Korean War heroes

    A rare, solemn silence lingers over a normally bustling flightline. The stillness of the runway temporarily fades as a vehicle slowly bypasses spectators rendering salutes and clutching their hands over their hearts, awaiting troops returning from combat. Coming to a halt, the automobile unveils six service members, but instead of walking out to fanfare for a heroes’ welcome, these members were transported by pallbearers in a United Nations Command flag wrapped casket and recognized for their ultimate sacrifice: dying from the Korean War in the wake of the conflict’s 70th Anniversary.
  • Finding Family History through Service

    Every Airman has a different experience during their tour in the Republic of Korea. Many see the assignment as a hardship and others find the opportunity to make great memories.
  • 2,000 and Climbing: 5RS Commander Hits Milestone

    5RS Commander, Lt. Col Georgescu completes 2,000 hours aboard the U-2 Dragon Lady. This achievement was solidified and celebrated with friends, family, and 5RS crew that's kept him flying that long.
  • Osan installation management improves quality of living

    Osan Airmen will experience enhanced quality of living conditions throughout the duration of the 51st Civil Engineer Squadron’s Dorm Divestment project. 대한민국 오산공군기지 – 51 시설대대의 독신자 숙소 투자철회 사업이 진행됨에 따라 오산공군기지 장병들의 삶의 환경이 질적으로 향상될 예정이다.
  • Tourette’s poses no setback for EOD Airman

    Tuning out the pounding of his own heartbeat, nerves tense as a young Air Force explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) officer disarms bombs in some of Southwest Asia’s most dangerous warzones. A sudden increased heart rate and blood flow kicks in as adrenaline rush reverberates through his body. Internally, things are chaotic, but the madness is masked by the man’s calm, humorous demeanor, which is a key character trait to his life-saving tactics. Despite his setback of Tourette syndrome, which is a nervous system disorder involving repetitive movements or unwanted sounds, his physical tics didn’t prevent his ability to neutralize bombs from ‘tick-tick-booming.’ It takes patience, finesse, and skill to make a career out of defusing bombs, and for Lt. Col. Kelly Hannum, doing so while coping with Tourette’s has been no small feat.
  • Osan Inbound/PCS Information

    With PCS’s starting to flow in and out of Osan, there a few important things our inbound personnel need to be aware of so they can be prepared. All inbounds will quarantine for 14-days on base. Inbound members need to initiate contact with their receiving unit as soon as possible so Osan can start planning accordingly. A mandatory packing list as well as additionally preparation information, including quarantine sustainment, will be provided by the unit to the inbound member.
  • Certain Victory: A-10 pilots persevere through COVID-19

    The will to win has been an unmatched factor for one squadron since their early World War II days. Whether flying over the Himalayan mountains into the foothills of China in the 1940’s, or staying mission ready today as the Korean Peninsula’s premier close air support fighter squadron, the 25th Fighter Squadron ‘Assam Draggins’ carry on a legacy that epitomizes their Korean motto, ‘Pil Sung’ – Certain Victory. Now, the Sons of Pil Sung look to add another victory in the win column as they persevere amid the COVID-19 global pandemic. Although COVID-19 mitigation measures have impacted many things, it has not stopped the 25th FS from being ready to “Fight Tonight.”