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The MPS Passport Agent at Osan has been designated as the single, authorized Military Passport Acceptance Agent by the U.S. State Department for accepting Official. We do not produce passports, but rather act as an authorized courier between you and the U.S. State Department for passport applications. The requirements vary depending on the type of passport application submitted and individual status.
The passport process can be lengthy, it is recommended to start the process as early as possible. It is may be necessary to meet with the agent three times: 1) to understand the requirements, 2) to process the application, and 3) to pick up the passport.

Our Passport Agent sees applicants on a first-come-first-served basis. Sign in and be patient as each application is thoroughly reviewed before submission to Washington to ensure they aren't mailed to the states with errors creating extended work and processing time. While the agent is available and willing to help all applicants, the U.S. Embassy and Camp Humphreys have additional agents who take appointments and have multiple agents to process applications.

Additional Passport information can be found at:

Osan Air Base (MPS Bldg 936)

Office Hours: 0730-1630, M-F
Closed Thursdays, U.S./Korean Holidays, and Military Downdays 
Osan Air Base DSN - 784-6719/7376 
*Please sign-In at the MPS main lobby (Bldg 936) 

U.S. Embassy Seoul
Appointment Hours: 0845-1115, M-F and 1300-1500, M,T,Th,F
Appointment Website: http://seoul.usembassy.gov/acs_appt.html
Email: Seoulinfo@state.gov
Website: http://seoul.usembassy.gov/acs_service.html
DSN 721-4522/4433, comm (02)397-4114

Embassy Services at Yongsan (ACS Bldg 4106)
Every Wednesday from 0900-1400
Walk-in or call Yongsan Legal Office for an appointment, DSN 738-8111

Additional Passport Agents (each can assist you)
Camp Casey DSN 730-3107/3032
Camp Henry DSN 768-7692/7693
Camp Humphreys DSN 753-8557
Osan Air Base DSN - 784-6719/7376
Yongsan DSN 738-8111