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TRAVEL ENTITLEMENTS: Travel entitlements can be very complex and there isn't enough space here to explain all the specific rules. We suggest you talk to the finance office concerning specific travel entitlements. Keep an accurate travel itinerary record, (for yourself and dependents, if applicable) as it can get confusing trying to fill out a travel voucher from memory. Also, be sure to save receipts for commercial or government transportation (bus, plane, taxi, MTA, etc.), as well as, PCS/TDY travel advances. You'll need these documents at your inprocessing briefing. Refer questions to Travel Pay, DSN 315-784-6341.

MISCELLANEOUS PAY: Cost of Living Allowance (COLA), Family Separation Allowance and Hardship Duty Pay (HDP), formerly known as Foreign Duty Pay, are special pay entitlements associated with overseas tours. Contact the finance office to get the specific amounts, and counseling in this area--you may be entitled to receive one or all-special pay entitlements.

TEMPORARY LODGING ALLOWANCE (TLA): The purpose of TLA is to partially offset lodging expenses incurred due to the non-availability of adequate quarters. TLA is based on quarters availability as assessed by the Housing Manager. Check with the housing office NLT than the next duty day after arrival. Payment of TLA may be delayed for several weeks so be prepared to initially pay for your lodging expenses out-of-pocket. This can average from $100 to $300 per week.

BASIC ALLOWANCE FOR SUBSISTENCE (BAS): If you are an unaccompanied E6 or below, your BAS will stop automatically effective the date you arrive on station. Because you don't in process immediately upon arrival, and due to handling and processing commitments, you may be overpaid BAS. Collection of this overpayment will be done at one time and not prorated. If you are command sponsored, your BAS will be restarted upon completion of your travel voucher. Payment of BAS to personnel E6 and below will be up to the commander; regardless of if you are living off base or in a dorm. Your orderly room will need to accomplish an AF Form 220 if you are authorized BAS by the commander.

BASIC ALLOWANCE FOR HOUSING (BAH): BAH stops automatically the day prior to your arrival to the new duty station. If you are drawing with-dependent BAH, and you are on an unaccompanied tour, you must provide a CONUS zip code to receive the full entitlement. E7's and above drawing without-dependent rate BAH who are assigned to a permanent dorm room during their tour in Korea, should verify on their Leave and Earnings Statement that the BAH entitlement has changed to partial rate BAH. If the BAH has not stopped, contact your Finance Office immediately! All members who have dependent-rate BAQ based on a spouse or child in their legal custody will continue to receive that entitlement regardless of their assignment to a dorm, unless their dependent(s) occupy government quarters. All other members receiving with dependent-rate BAH for other dependents should consult with the Finance Office to determine if that entitlement will continue. Be sure to provide specific information on what type of dependent you are claiming (child support, parent, etc.). Members authorized with dependent-rate BAH who are required to live off base; you will also receive an additional entitlement equal to without dependent-rate BAH.

Special Note: If you are receiving BAH solely for the purpose of paying child support while assigned to Osan AB and residing in the dormitories, you will only receive the BAH DIFF which is equivalent to the difference between with dependent rate BAH and single rate BAH. If you are unsure of your BAH entitlement, please contact the Finance Office to prevent any overpayment.

OVERSEAS HOUSING ALLOWANCE (OHA):  Is an entitlement paid to members approved to live off base at government expense. The amount paid is based on rank and the amount of rent paid. The Housing Office is the approving authority for this entitlement.

MOVING-IN HOUSING ALLOWANCE (MIHA): MIHA is a miscellaneous allowance to help defray the costs associated with setting up off base housing, (i.e., wardrobes, range, refrigerator, washer/dryer, etc.). MIHA is authorized for government-funded moves only, i.e. inbound PCS moves, and is paid to those who have not moved into the dormitory prior to obtaining off-base housing. The Housing Office is the approving authority for this entitlement. MIHA will not be paid for temporary quarters.