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MAKE OSAN BETTER 15-012: Water coolers in Front of the Fitness Center

No water coolers in front of Fitness Center.

During the summer season could Fitness Center personnel place two or three igloos with cold water and cups by the main entrance to the gym?  We have a lot of runners on our base and a couple of water coolers outside would really make a difference, and could even encourage them to run more.  Hydration is key. 

I checked with the Fitness Center staff and was told they have a water cooler fountain at the front entrance and another one in the aerobic area capable of filling water bottles.  Our fitness center staff is stretched thin keeping up with the demands of the facility so we hesitate to add to their workload for water jugs on the outside and the added expense of disposable cups with trash collection.  I have however asked our 51st CES Mongrels to look at the possibility of installing a water fountain or bubbler somewhere along the flightline jogging route.  They will do an assessment to see if a waterline exists or crosses along the route and let me know so we can proceed with a work order.  You are correct, the heat and humidity can be tough for outdoor fitness activities!

CMSgt T. Greene
51st Fighter Wing Command Chief Master Sergeant
"Mustang Chief"