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Location: Osan Air Base, Bldg 777 (Basement)
Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Clinic Contact Number: DSN 784-2500 Off Base/Cell 031-661-2500

Welcome to the 51st Medical Group's Emergency Department. Our department is staffed by five physicians, five registered nurses, and 18 medical technicians. We provide emergency services to more than 12,000 beneficiaries from Osan Air Base and surrounding military installations. We provide medical screening exams to all patients requesting care, regardless of their severity of illness. Patients will be seen in the order of their severity of illness and not on a first come, first served basis. Patients who require prompt medical attention will receive treatment until their condition improves or until transferred to a local civilian facility. Patients with non-emergency conditions, such as common colds and minor ailments, may be referred to their primary care provider or advised to use the hospital's S.I.C.K. Program. We also provide emergency medical pre-hospital care to emergency 911 calls on Osan Air Base.

For minor injuries and common ailments, please consider visiting the
self-help site prior to seeking care in the emergency department.

What can
MiCARE technology do for me?
I want a clinician to provide medical advice to me online and do a webVisit instead of making an office appointment.

We only respond to on-base emergencies. Dial 911 from a DSN line or 031-661-9111 from a civilian line. If off base, dial 119 for local ambulance services.