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Vehicle policy changes at Osan AB

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea --

Several recent changes to policy have resulted in new rules for vehicle ownership at Osan Air Base.

Since 2012, U.S. Forces Korea Regulation 190-1 has restricted vehicle operating privileges to E-7s and above and service members accompanied by command-sponsored dependents.

On Sept. 11, 2019, a memorandum signed by USFK authorized personnel living off-base to register and operate a vehicle, as well as allowing those with command-sponsored dependents to register a second vehicle without the need for an exception-to-policy letter.

Further changes have been made to the rules for Osan AB.

Due to special congestion considerations, an exception-to-policy for aspects of this new policy were granted to Osan AB. The Sept. 13, 2019, exception-to-policy, approved by Brig. Gen. David Eaglin, limited the number of vehicles for accompanied personnel living on-base to one vehicle.

These changes were prompted by special congestion issues unique to Osan AB.

“Currently there are about 4,600 parking spaces on Osan, but over 8,000 vehicles registered in DBIDS,” said Lt. Col. Kel Hannum, 51st Mission Support Group deputy commander. “Adding more vehicles could end up making walking more dangerous for our pedestrians and families. We’ve been making significant changes to improve congestion on base, including removing about 10% of all ‘reserved’ spots on base in 2018 and running a free 24-hour base shuttle service.”

Currently on Osan AB, all individuals at the rank of E-7 and above are permitted one motor vehicle. Those living off-base are also permitted one vehicle. For command-sponsored families living off base, a second vehicle with restricted parking privileges is permitted with unit commander approval.