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UPDATE: Wear of ROK Presidential Unit Citation ribbon not yet authorized for 7 AF personnel

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea --

Pending final approval actions, Seventh Air Force personnel are requested to stand by on purchasing or wearing the Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation ribbon.  The award is still undergoing coordination through the appropriate approval authority and is not yet authorized for wear by Air Force personnel.

During a ceremony at Daegu Air base on October 1, 2019, Lt Gen Kenneth S. Wilsbach, Seventh Air Force commander, accepted the citation on behalf of 7 AF for significant contributions to combined operations in enhancing the national security of the Republic of Korea.


A story published on October 29, 2019 made note that records were being updated and wear of the ribbon was authorized.  Unfortunately that announcement was premature, as Seventh Air Force Manpower has yet to complete the required approval process.  A subsequent announcement will be made once the approval process is complete.