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Holiday light safety

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- The leaves are falling and the air has a refreshing chill. It must be time to string up the holiday lights. But before you do, the 51 FW/ Safety office cautions you to play it safe by following these helpful suggestions:

- Before hanging those decorative lights, check everything for frayed cords, broken wires and bulbs and loose connections. If you find a problem, throw the strand away!Never replace a broken bulb or fuse when the lights are plugged in!

- Only use UL approved lighting and cords. The UL (Underwriters Laboratories)certification is recognized worldwide as a standard for product safety and quality.

- When hanging your lights, make sure the staples, tacks or nails do not pierce the wires. Use plastic zip cords instead.

- Never put more than three strands of lights per electrical cord/outlet. Overloading an outlet could cause an overload and a fire danger.

- Unplug your decorative lights when you leave home or go to bed. Use a timer so they're on only during the hours you select, and in case you forget to turn them off. Timers can also help you save energy.

- Never use lighted candles on trees or decorations. They are a fire hazard! Only use flashlights during power outages.

- Also, Keep lights away from carpeting, drapes, furniture and other flammable materials.

- Keep indoor trees well watered so they won't dry out and become a fire hazard.

- Only lights and extension cords designed for outdoor use should be used outdoors.

- Keep all electrical connectors off the ground and away from water.

For more information or other safety tips, call the 51st Fighter Wing Safety office at 784-5109.