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Passenger terminal implements virtual roll call

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- Virtual roll call is now offered at the Osan Passenger Terminal on select flights, and has changed the way passengers compete for Space Available seats.

The goal of this new initiative is to reduce stress on passengers by giving them the flexibility of not having to leave home until they've been notified they have been selected for a flight.

The traditional roll call process begins when an individual shows up to the terminal and registers for Space A travel, and ends after waiting in the terminal to be selected - or not selected - for a flight. The process for virtual roll call is essentially identical, minus the hassle of an individual checking out of billeting, dragging their luggage and family to the terminal, and waiting in a crowd of people only to find out they didn't make the flight.

With virtual roll call, passengers follow four steps:

1. Sign up for Space A travel by visiting the Osan Passenger Terminal and providing their leave information, personal e-mail address, travel dates and desired location.
2. Monitor schedules for flights marked "virtual roll call." These are available on the Osan Passenger Terminal Facebook page, the Commander's Access Channel and by calling 784-6883.
3. Mark themselves present by responding to their Osan Space A e-mail notification no earlier than 20 hours prior to the advertised roll call time.
4. Compete for a seat. Within 30 minutes of the advertised roll call, they will be notified via e-mail of their selection status for the flight.

Passengers who have been selected for a flight will also receive their no-later-than time to arrive in person at the terminal with all bags and documentation for check-in. It is important that passengers read the entire confirmation e-mail and ensure all travelers have their required travel documentation.

Virtual roll call does not give passengers an advantage over the competition when it comes time to select passengers for the flight. Those who compete for traditional roll call are given the same consideration as those who sign up virtually, based on their category and date and time of sign-up.

If a passenger is not selected for a flight, they can wait for another "virtual roll call" eligible flight, or they may visit the terminal in person to compete via traditional roll call.

The same sign-up eligibility also applies. Active-duty members must be on leave status, while dependents require an approved command sponsorship or non-command sponsorship letter.

For more information about virtual roll call or the Space A process, contact the passenger terminal at 784-6883 or visit the passenger service agents in Bldg. 648.