51st Munitions Squadron

The 51st Munitions Squadron trains hard to defend the Republic of Korea and support the wing's motto "Ready to Fight Tonight!".

To provide superior armament systems and quality munitions wherever and whenever needed to keep the 51st Fighter Wing pilots and weapons technicians highly proficient, providing a credible deterrent to any enemy aggression and to swiftly defeat the enemy should deterrence fail.

Providing lethal armament and munitions support to promote stability in peace and enemy destruction in conflict.

The 51st Munitions Squadron was first constituted as the 51st Aviation Depot Squadron in 1958 and officially activated as the 51st Munitions Squadron in 2004. The lineage was first located at Cooke (later Vandenberg) AFB, Calif. The unit was permanently assigned to the Republic of Korea in 1973. The squadron has been awarded the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award four times.

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