School age children enjoy a Sesame Street performance featuring five of the muppets in the base gym at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea Feb. 12.  In January, the USO and Sesame Workshop kicked off “The Sesame Street/USO Experience for Military Families” tour. This year the tour will travel to Japan, Korea and Guam over the course of two months and deliver more family friendly shows tailored specifically for military families at 13 military installations.

Family Advocacy Program

Our mission is to strengthen our military communities through family services. We provide both treatment and prevention services for active duty members and their families. The differences between treatment and prevention services depends on the nature of referral.

Treatment services are usually initiated upon notice of a suspected family maltreatment and/or domestic/child abuse case. Treatment services consist of an evaluation, therapy intervention, individual and partner sessions, as well as providing psycho-educational classes that are tailored to the needs of the service member and their family. All treatment progress will be documented in their medical record.

Prevention services include topic workshops, outreach events, and Family Advocacy strength-based therapy (FAST) services. FAST services are designed to provide support to couples and families who are having difficulties communicating, experiencing trust issues, parenting stress, difficulties managing conflict, inter-cultural communication, and much more. FAST services are not documented in your medical record.

The goal of our clinic is to provide support at the earliest sign of difficulty in a family or relationship.

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