51st Force Support Squadron

The 51st Force Support Squadron includes military, civilian, non-appropriated fund, Korean and contract employees.  The squadron is comprised of five flights, which includes 55 combat support community service activities that encompass 100 facilities and recreational functions at Osan. 

The 51st FSS serves more than 15 million customers annually.  The squadron also oversees both military and civilian personnel, formal training, military testing, voluntary education, and manpower functions, which support U.S. Air Force operations across the Korean Peninsula. 51st FSS support services include the following activities: (Clickable links are highlighted in blue)

-       Military Family Readiness Center

-       Airman Leadership School

-       Appropriated Food Service (3 Military Dining Facilities)

-       Auto Hobby Shop

-       Casualty & Mortuary Services

-       Child and Youth Programs

o    Child Development Center

o    School Age Care

o    Teen Center

o    Youth Sports

o    Family Child Care Program




-       Civilian Personnel Office

-      Education Center

-      First Term Airmen Center

-       Fitness Center

-       Honor Guard

-       Information Tickets & Travel

-       Installation Personnel Readiness & Reception

-       Library

-       Major Base-Wide MWR Events

-       Mustang Center

-       MiG Alleys Bowling Center

-       Military Manpower

-       Military Personnel Office

-       Military Testing

-       NAF Accounting Office

-       Non-Appropriated Food Service

o    Bowling Center

o    Par and Char

o    Mustang Café Coffee Shops

o    Air Force Clubs (Officer and Enlisted Clubs)

-       Non-Appropriated Marketing/Commercial Sponsorship

-       Noncombatant Evacuation Operation Program

-       Outdoor Recreation

-       Pet Lodge

-       Turumi Lodge

-       The Lakes at Osan Golf Course

-       Post Office

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