51st FW Launches Communication Action Plan at Osan Air Base

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Thomas Sjoberg
  • 51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

The 51st Fighter Wing recently debuted its comprehensive Communication Action Plan designed to enhance the flow of information and support for Airmen and their families at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea.

The plan lays out a robust framework aimed at enriching the 'Osan Experience' by building trust through consistent and clear messaging from the moment Airmen and their families are notified of their assignment until their departure.

“Our goal is to ensure that every person at Osan, from our service members to their families, feels informed, connected and integral to our mission," explained U.S. Air Force Col. William McKibban, commander of the 51st Fighter Wing. “This plan is a testament to our dedication to transparency, support, and community engagement.”

To kick off the plan, the 51st FW command team hosted its inaugural town hall meeting on Feb. 14, where McKibban discussed the benefits of the new initiative for service members and their families.

Central to the CAP is the creation of the Mustang One-Stop, a digital repository for all base information, set to complement the existing official web presence. The One-Stop is engineered to be user-friendly and will serve as the go-to resource for Airmen and their families, streamlining their access to vital information.

Additionally, the command team will host monthly town halls to foster open dialogue, address concerns, and keep the base community well-informed about ongoing developments and initiatives.

Improving in-person touchpoints such as the Newcomers Orientation and Ready Mustang Program is also a focal point. These events are critical for communication and will be modernized to ensure they provide timely and relevant information to attendees.

Maj. Wes Gray, 51st FW director of staff and CAP lead, has been working the initiative since its conception in the fall of 2023.

"The Communication Action Plan isn't just for our current Airmen; it's a legacy we're building,” Gray emphasized. “It will serve those stationed at Osan now and will continue to enhance the base experience for future generations.”

Sarah Reeves, 51st Fighter Wing Key Spouse Mentor, expressed optimism about the new strategy.

“I’m thrilled about the Communication Action Plan,” said Reeves. “This promises to be a game-changer for how our Airmen and families locate and connect to this information, and it strengthens our entire community's ability to support one another."

With the CAP now in action, the wing looks toward a future of improved readiness and a strengthened community, reaffirming its commitment to its Airmen and their families.

To learn more about Mustang One-Stop, visit https://www.51fss.com/mustang-one-stop/.