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Our Mission, Vision and Focus


To view the responses to questions asked at the 51st Fighter Wing Town Hall July 18, 2018, CLICK HERE.

51 FW/CC Talking Points

To view the most recent 51st Fighter Wing Commander's talking points, CLICK HERE.

2018 Combined Federal Campaign Letter


To view the new Mustang Mission Trifold, CLICK HERE.


The Commander's Action Line is a forum for Team Osan to make suggestions or voice concerns directly to the 51st Fighter Wing Commander.

If you have a concern, please use discretion for submitting through the action line. Decide whether or not the problem can be solved by using the chain of command. If the chain of command doesn't seem like the best route or doesn't produce results, submit an action line request and the commander will address the issue.

To submit a request, email 51fwpa@us.af.mil with 

"Commander's Action Line"

in the subject line.