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  • Command vs. Non-command sponsored benefits

    What is the current accompanied/unaccompanied tour policy? Who is eligible to bring a command-sponsored family? What benefits would you have if you decide to bring your spouse and family over as Non-Command Sponsored?

  • Commander's Action Line

    Click here to submit a Commander's Action Line to the 51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs Office, or call 784-4044. Please specify if you would like to remain anonymous.CALs are routed to the 51st FW commander for proper attention.

  • Community Outreach

    At Osan Air Base, there are numerous community outreach programs which take place beyond the gates of Osan. Each program is a great volunteer opportunity for all of Team Osan. Airmen, Soldiers and civilians alike are already spending hundreds of hours of their off-duty time to enrich and improve the

  • Cultural Awareness

    Etiquette and dining Although many of the Koreans with whom you come into contact will be familiar with American habits and mannerisms, the traditional values are still strong. Koreans shake hands and bow at the same time. The depth of the bow depends on the relative seniority of the two people.