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  • Installation Access for Guests

    WHAT IS THE POLICY FOR GUEST PASSES? Use of DBIDS to escort guests is mandatory; if a sponsor is unable to capture their Digital Fingerprint Minutia Data (DFMD), escorting will not be permitted; they must report to building 765 to recapture their DFMD. The sponsor and guest(s) must appear together at all times. The sponsor will retain the guest pass until they sign their guest(s) off.
  • In-processing at Osan

    UPON YOUR ARRIVAL to Osan Air Base, you will need to attend mandatory in-processing at the Mustang (Bldg 1313) within 24 hours of arrival. You will need to be registered for your in-processing appointment with your unit CSS prior to attending.Any questions or concerns you may have should be routed through your sponsor.

    Location: Osan Air Base, Bldg 777 Hours of Operation: ​Monday 0700 - 1700 Tuesday 0830 – 1700 SMALLPOX ONLY: CHECK-IN 0700 – 0720 Administration 0730 - 0830 Wednesday 0700 - 1700 Thursday 0700 – 1700 Friday 0700 – 1515 SMALLPOX ONLY: CHECK-IN 1530 – 1550 Administration 1600 – 1700 **NO TB testing will be placed on Thursdays or the Friday before a 3 day Weekend. Closed every 3rd Thursday for training day and during base wide exercises Clinic Contact Number: DSN 784-2523
  • Information for Non-Command Sponsored Dependents

    All incoming personnel should carefully consider the following information before making a financial commitment of bringing non-command sponsored dependents to Korea. Also as a reminder, as Osan increases its authorized command sponsored positions, support to include child care, schools, and medical care that is outlined below may be an increased