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  • Make Osan Better 15-001: Lack of Motorcycle Safety Training at Osan AB

    Subject: Motorcycle Safety TrainingConcern: Lack of Motorcycle Safety Training at Osan ABResponse: We looked into this issue and have partnered with Camp Humphreys to provide a Motorcycle Safety Course opportunity. Just go to https://imc.army.mil/airs. The USAG Humphreys CAC is the point for registration. The CAC can be reached at 753-8825. If you
  • Make Osan Better 15-004: Dependent Children ID Cards for Installation Access

    Subject: Dependent Children ID CardsConcern: When are dependent children required to obtain and/or present an ID card for access to the installation, and what are the differences between Korea installations versus other installations in the United States in this respect?Response: Thanks for your inquiry and interest in installation access and
  • Make Osan Better 15-003: Trash Dumpsters Cause Trash to Collect

    Subject: Trash Dumpsters Cause Trash to CollectConcern: Trash dumpsters are poorly designed and cause trash to collect around them. Wind then blows trash everywhere and trash collectors do not seem to care that they leave trash everywhere after transferring from poorly designed dumpster to truck manuallyResponse: I agree...the system and equipment
  • Make Osan Better 15-002: Barricades with Metal Wires near Walking Path by BX

    Subject: Barricades with Metal Wires near Walking Path by BXConcern: New barricades with metal wires have been put up by bldg 949 on the walking path near the BX.  The barricades are easily seen, but the wires are not.  Some flimsily cones have been placed up also, but they can be removed and taken away.  Someone riding a bicycle or even walking is