51st Fighter Wing

Our Mission: Defend the base, execute contingency operations, sustain the force.

Our Vision: "Osan is my follow-on of choice."

Our Focus: Decentralization, innovation, realistic training

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51st Fighter Wing Priorities

"Mission first" requires development and focus on:

  1. Be ready to fight tonight! This takes a personal commitment to ensure you and those around you are trained and ready in both armistice and contingency tasks.
  2. Maximize the combat capability of the ROK's airpower team. We have to know how to operate with our ROK counterparts through realistic training and exercises.
  3. Strengthen the ROK-US Alliance: Take advantage of this tour to understand the history, culture and language of Korea.

"People always" means care for our Airmen and families with a focus on:

  1. Leadership: Lead at all levels; formal as well as informal.
  2. Fitness: Set the standard for others to emulate. Leave Osan more physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit than when you arrived.
  3. Community: Leave Team Osan better than you found it. Help build a community for others to emulate.

7th Air Force Mission

The Airmen of 7th Air Force are privileged to serve in Korea as a key part of a proud and powerful joint and combined team. The mission of 7AF is to employ airpower to Deter aggression and maintain the Armistice, Defend the Republic of Korea, and Defeat any attack against the Alliance. 7AF provides "ready to fight tonight" air power - precise, intense, and overwhelming; whenever and wherever needed.

Pacific Air Forces Mission

PACAF delivers rapid and precise air, space and cyberspace capabilities to protect and defend the United States, its territories and our allies and partners; provides integrated air and missile defense and warning; commands and controls joint airpower and integrated air and missile defense assets; promotes interoperability in a power projection theater; and is postured to respond across the full spectrum of military contingencies in order to restore regional security.