Defenders secure the base

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Megan Estrada
  • 51st Fighter Wing

OSAN AIR BASE, REPUBLIC OF KOREA—Defenders assigned to the 51st Security Forces Squadron participated in high-risk traffic stop training exercises to prepare them for any adverse activity that could occur at the gate.

Defenders work in shifts to provide nonstop support to ensure the safety and security of all personnel and assets throughout the installation.

“On a normal shift we’re driving around base responding to building alarms, vehicle accidents, alcohol-related incidents, letting people in and off base and protecting our resources,” said Staff Sgt. Taylor Anderson, 51st Security Forces Squadron area supervisor.

Due to the wide-array of activity that could potentially occur during any shift, defenders go through frequent training to enhance their abilities to properly handle unexpected situations.

“These exercises give us the opportunity to keep our skills sharp, and they teach the newer Airmen what to expect in perimeter base defense roles and responsibilities,” said Anderson. “Some people come from bases where all they know is specialized security and they don’t know how to perform traffic stops or handle gate runners on a regular basis. Exercises like these help with our overall education and readiness.”

Training exercises are vital to sustain a cohesive and well-prepared force. The repetition and standard of excellence allows Airmen to feel more comfortable with their roles and responsibilities tying them directly to a sense of purpose

“We are here to protect the resources that need it, said Senior Airman Jamaila Centino, 51st SFS response force leader. “Our job is needed and it’s really fulfilling to know that you are part of the bigger picture.”