Dedicated Crew Chief Ceremony

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Allison Payne
  • 51st Fighter Wing

The 36th Aircraft Maintenance Unit held a ceremony to recognize 27 members of the unit as dedicated crew chiefs (DCCs) for their work at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea, March 21, 2022.

The purpose of the Dedicated Crew Chief Ceremony is to formally appoint those selected as DCCs to assume the responsibility of their aircraft while celebrating their accomplishment with their peers.

“The ceremony is a presentation to recognize those who have been chosen and granted the responsibility of their own aircraft,” said Staff Sgt. Tyler Bunn, 36th Aircraft Maintenance Unit F-16 Fighting Falcon dedicated crew chief. “In my opinion, the ceremony is important because it shows appreciation to all of us as DCC’s from not only our peers, but our pilots as well.”

A pilot, assigned to the same aircraft as the DCC, presented each newly recognized DCC with a coin, certificate and patch which officially designates the crew chief to their aircraft.

“Strengthening this flying and maintenance team is extremely important,” said Capt. James Gregory, F-16 instructor pilot. “It builds trust and trust is what allows us to concentrate on the tactics of combat aviation. We’re thankful we don’t have to worry about major aircraft malfunctions when the dedicated crew chiefs and entire AMU on their game.”

Those recognized as DCCs will have their names written on the aircraft they work on, just as the DCCs before them. This is a tradition which has taken place throughout the lifespans of the aircraft.

“Dedicated crew chiefs are greatly underappreciated and don’t always get recognized for all the hard work they put in on a day-to-day basis,” said Staff Sgt. Armando Sutton, 36th AMU F-16 Fighting Falcon dedicated crew chief. “The DCC Ceremony is really important to me because it’s a way for my people to get that recognition they deserve and also get familiar with their pilot.”

A DCC focuses his or her attention on one jet, allowing them to see trends and tendencies which makes troubleshooting and maintenance more effective, according to Gregory.

“These Airmen are being recognized for their utmost effort and consistent dedication to the safety and quality of our aircraft,” said Staff Sgt. Tyler Bunn, 36th Aircraft Maintenance Unit F-16 Fighting Falcon dedicated crew chief. “We’ve sacrificed our time, busted our knuckles and worked hard to earn this title. We wear it like a badge on our sleeve and show it off proudly. It feels good to be recognized for it.”


Congratulations to the following newly-recognized dedicated crew chiefs:

SSgt Armando Sutton

SSgt Tyler Bunn

SSgt Michael Honse

SSgt Jacob Jenson

SrA Stacy Spears

SSgt Brandon Conley

SSgt Adam Lambert

SrA Daniel Bermudez

SSgt Jayquan Williams

SSgt Jason Jurado

SrA Samuel Son

SSgt William Sikorski

SSgt John Workman

SrA Dakota Davis

SSgt Nicklas Bruscup

SrA Raphael Trammel

SrA Terry King

SSgt Jesus Chavez

SSgt Barrett Clark

SSgt Caleb Pettit

SSgt Jonathan Mucker

SrA Dacious Hunter

SrA Sean McQuillan

SrA Skyler Jayroe

SrA Lauren Kogelschatz

SSgt Brian Raatz

SSgt Christian Gico