Army's 1-7 ADA takes over air defense role

  • Published
  • By Pfc. Gretchen N. Goodrich
  • HHB 35th ADA
A new group of air defense artillery servicemembers arrived at Suwon Air Base on Thursday as part of a battalion rotation. 

The soldiers with 1st Battalion, 7th ADA, 108th ADA Brigade, are the second group from their battalion to arrive from Fort Bliss, Texas, with more to come. 

The battalion is taking the place of the 1st Battalion, 43rd ADA, 35th ADA BDE, which has been stationed in South Korea. Although the 1-43 ADA battalion has been present in South Korea for the past 13 years with many Soldiers seeing duty on the peninsula, this rotation is bringing the unit back home to Fort Bliss. 

While stationed in South Korea, 1-7 will fall under the 35th ADA BDE that is located here. 1-7 will help support the 35th ADA BDE mission of providing air defense for South Korea during their stay. The unit not only provides surveillance of the outlying areas of the region, but they provide assets for aerial and missile attacks through the use of the Patriot missiles and the Avenger missile systems. 

Minutes after landing, the Soldiers were bused to the base gym to begin in-processing following a welcoming speech by Col. John G. Rossi, 35th ADA BDE commander. 

Some of the Soldiers settled into barracks at Suwon Air Base, while others were bused to Osan where they will stay for the remainder of their year-long tour. 

Although tired and worn out from the 13-hour flight, the Soldiers remained optimistic about the new scenery and the opportunity of being in a new country. 

"I'm pretty excited (to be in Korea)," said Spc. Jonathan P. Kunkel. 

Having the opportunity to see what Korea's all about is the most exciting part, said Pfc. Ryan Irby.