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Air Force Services launches arts and crafts Web site

  • Published
  • By Sarah Tober
  • Air Force News
U. S. Air Force Services now has an official Web site for its arts and crafts program. The Web site,, is a resource for arts and crafts customers to find information on local base centers as well as tips for creative projects and auto hobby. 

"(We are) proud to introduce a Web site that is specifically designed for the centers' customers," said Gary Lott, an Air Force Services Agency marketing specialist. "This will offer them an opportunity to showcase their creativity and abilities, while providing them with valuable information on the program and tricks of the trade. When we designed this Web site we tried to keep our customers' needs in mind, focusing on what tools they will need to continue improving in their craft. We are excited to introduce such an innovative resource for our centers and our consumers." 

As part of an ongoing effort to develop the overall Arts and Crafts program, the Web site will provide a medium for customers to become interactive with their base center and view overall services and programs. 

Last year, the gallery Web site was launched showcasing more than 220 pieces of artwork and photography created by military personnel and family members from Arts and Crafts centers worldwide. The two sites will be linked together, offering customers a chance to see the online showcase as well as feature stories and creations from the centers. 

"Our goal in creating this Web site was to provide to our customers a two-fold service," said Greg Trapuzzano, chief of the Arts, Crafts, Tickets and Travel Branch. "The first part of our mission is to offer an excellent resource for tips and stories from centers all over the world, the second part is to connect the entire Air Force arts and crafts community through one forum. We want Air Force military personnel and their families to be able to enjoy our services wherever they are and continue to develop their expertise in the hobby of their choice." 

The Web site features something for everyone including artists, craftsmen, photographers and auto hobby enthusiasts.Under three sections titled "exhibitions," there is a link to a different aspect of the arts and crafts program. The first section will take the online user to the gallery Web site, the second section offers tips on creative projects, as well as updates on arts and crafts centers at bases worldwide, and the third section is dedicated to auto hobby. 

Arts and crafts supports five core programs among base centers including: resale, special events, do-it-yourself, instructional and fee-for-service. These programs provide a variety of services and products uniquely offered at each base. While program selection differs from installation to installation, the overall goal remains the same, to enhance the quality-of-life for military personnel by promoting their overall growth and development.