SNIFL if you have a sniffle

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Kevin Coffman
  • 51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Since so many servicemembers are stationed unaccompanied here, there is one Mustang who is taking the time to give the gift of goodwill and good health. 

Capt. Bethany Shana, Osan's Military Equal Opportunity officer, knows that good old fashioned cold and flu remedies have always included chicken noodle soup. That's why she started the Soup Needed For Ill Loners program. 

"I like to make sure people can feel at least a little better while they are sick," said Captain Shana. "I want to let ill Team Osan service members know that someone cares while they are under the weather." 

The program is primarily a way for Captain Shana to spread a little TLC to ailing unaccompanied servicemembers at no cost to them. 

Although Captain Shana is personally funding this program, it is open to donations such as ingredients, disposable containers, soup stock and other items essential to making the program successful. 

Volunteers can also help SNFIL by delivering the soup to ill servicemembers' dorm rooms. 

"I came up with the idea when I saw how many people get sick and pass it along to their entire sections," said Captain Shana "I'm hoping to improve morale by giving members of Team Osan a little taste of home!" 

People wishing to volunteer, or sick servicemembers searching for soup, can call Captain Shana at 784-4040. Contact information is also available at the base hospital.